How Can You Distinguish a Good Sample of a Research Paper in APA Format?

Many teachers require the papers for their class to be written in APA format and not all students are familiar with this style. In addition to that, many of the students who are familiar with this style cannot constantly keep up with all of the rules associated. Because of this there are thousands of students every year who rely on websites and peers to display sample papers to guide them through the perils of constructing research papers in this format. With so many samples available how can you distinguish which are professional and which are written by armatures? In this article I will explain ways to ensure that you are not led astray by unprofessional work.

There are specific things that you should pay attention to when looking for sample APA papers online or from any other source. These include…

Each of these things are read flags when searching for a sample paper to base your composition off of. If you see any of the items listed above proceed with caution and understand that what you are viewing may not be an accurate representation of an APA formatted paper.

The importance of choosing a university approved source

When viewing an online sample of a research paper written in APA format it is important to check whether the source is recommended, affiliated with, or even published by a university. The reason that it is wise to use a university approved sources is because you know it will be accurate. Universities do not want to spoil their reputations by endorsing any work that is not professional or academically rigorous. Anytime that you can find a source from a college or university use that first.

More options

One other place that you can find reliable samples of APA papers is be searching for peer reviewed journals. There are many search engines that will find only peer reviewed journals one of which is Google Scholar. Also, many Universities offer library resources where students are provided with free access to thousands of peer reviewed journals that have been verified by the school to be accurate. By looking at the published work of others, and paying close attention to the source, you can easily find a professional academic example that will guide you through the maze that is APA and lead you to a your goal of writing a well-constructed research paper.

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