How to Choose Good Argument Research Paper Topics

Imagine having a long list of topics in front of you and not knowing which one to pick for your argument research paper. Need some help? Here are some of the major factors that play a part in making an argumentative paper what it should be.


Any argument research topic that doesn’t stand out and confront an idea will fail to make an impression on your reader. You are arguing here! Having an argument with someone that doesn’t oppose your view is a rant, not an argument.

Look at an issue you feel has too many people on its side. Do you disagree with it to the point of near-frustration? You’ll need this to fully confront that issue and convince your reader that they’re looking at it the wrong way.


Finding a topic that has a natural controversy to it will ensure an argument research paper that has lots of substance. Without a bit of storm, your paper will not leave a lasting impression on your reader. Besides that, it is a non-negotiable prerequisite to writing an argumentative paper. Remember though, that while you want to stir the pot a little, that doesn’t mean that you should be rude or unreasonable.


Your paper won’t be very convincing if everyone agrees with your argument. There should be a fairly large audience out there who would disagree with your viewpoint for your argument research paper to hold substance. If you fail to contradict a popular notion, your research paper runs the risk of being un-engaging at best. The point of arguing something is to contradict a certain opinion, so try to avoid an opinion that your classmates and family would nod their head to.


When looking at topics, ask yourself whether you would be able to write something compelling about the subject. You want to keep your reader interested, so does this topic have what it takes to make someone turn the page?


An important aspect to writing an argument research paper is for the writer to have a sense of conviction for the topic. Do you believe in your cause? Do you feel strongly about winning over your reader to your point of view? This is important if you want your topic to hold the kind of substance that will win you the approval of your professor.

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