15 Interesting Research Paper Argument Topics That Will Always Be Useful

When writing a research paper there are many great topics that will always be useful. For example:

  1. What are the psychological effects of divorce on children?
  2. Do beauty pageants and air brushing create false standards?
  3. Is excess car use adding to global warming?
  4. Is the internet being used too often?
  5. What causes bad parenting?
  6. What are the effects of legalizing marijuana?
  7. Should abortions be federally legalized?
  8. Should religious personnel be prohibited from interfering with politics?
  9. Do advertisements really reduce teen smoking?
  10. Should doctors be allowed to protect clients who are hospitalized after breaking the law?
  11. Which therapies are most effective for abnormal brain disorders?
  12. Should adults be required to participate in exercise programs at work?
  13. What are the effects of immigration on local economies? (pick an economy)
  14. Is the media still racist?
  15. Should juveniles who commit murder be tried as adults?

When you present an argument in a paper, it is important that you refer to the text. You need to do this in order to support your argument. Any argument you make must have a quote or fact to support it. If you are writing a research paper, then you need supporting evidence the same as if you are writing an analytical essay that requires you to carefully review a book. You need to use a quote or your personal interpretation of a passage to defend your argument with evidence. Quotes are often stronger as evidence but you can use either. Whatever one you use, it is important to remember that your job is not to just paraphrase everything the author already published, but rather, to critically analyze their work and find arguments that support your topic.


Language is an important part of your paper. This does not just mean the language choices you make, although those are critical to the success of your paper as well. Language in this case refers to the way the author used language to make their point. For example:

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