What Makes a Good Argumentative Research Paper Topic?

There are various types of essays and when writing a particular type it's most important that you understand the fundamentals of that essay. For instance an argumentative essay requires you to be, as the name implies, argumentative. This doesn't mean that you become abusive or aggressive but rather that you argue or persuade the reader to believe that your point of view is correct. But how you do that is the point of this article. And the beginning point is the choice of topic.

There are certain things which the topic must cover in order for it to be a good argumentative research paper topic. Those certain things are as follows.

Any topic which is controversial has the potential to be a good research paper topic. Being controversial it will allow people to have particular and specific points of view about the topic. This certainly can make that topic worthwhile. But does it divide opinion?

If you choose an argumentative research paper topic which the vast majority of people support or believe in, you have not chosen well. You need to look for a topic which causes division amongst people. If you get any group of people together from a random selection process and ask them about your proposed argumentative rescue paper topic, it will be really good for you if about half of the people support your idea while the others do not support it.

But having a really good divisive and controversial research paper topic is one thing, having one which has depth is another. It's no good having a topic which is shallow. There needs to be some substance behind the topic enabling you to have plenty of points to write about.

It is important that the topic can focus on a single issue. If it is a specific topic rather than something general then you have chosen well. The more specific your argumentative research paper topic the better.

And if your chosen topic has at least two distinctive points of view then you are in a position to write your research paper from these two points of view. You can write and support your argument and you can disprove the opposite point of view again by using proven and reliable data.

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