Topics for Research Papers: How to Select the Most interesting and Catchy One

Picking the best topic for a research paper should involve much thought, a decent amount of time, and a little research. Try to be creative and select a topic you are interested in and want to know about in more depth. You will always give more effort and attention to a topic that interests you and is still academic based.

Ideas for Interesting Topics in Various Academic Subjects

For every subject there is a way to find an interesting and unique topic for your research paper. Just make sure you clear your topic with your teacher, that valid research exists for your topic, and that you follow all your guidelines and instructions for your research paper.


In math you can discuss sports and the average of certain players. You can track those averages through the ages and discuss the filed dimensions, bat sizes and weights, as well as stadium capacities and sell-outs for games.


Dystopian novel series are very popular these days, but the genre has existed for hundreds of years. You can discuss what is a dystopian novel and go on to recount the history of the genre and how it has changed.


With a trend towards all natural products, eating properly, and green living; the topic options are truly endless. All of the options are relative to you as a person and to the care and health of your world.


History does repeat itself. Select a condition and trace the occurrences and reoccurrences that have happened in history. An example might be Russia and the leadership of today in comparison to some of the Great Russian czars of the past.


Why not write about your favorite tablet, phone or laptop application. If material is scare you can discuss applications in general and the time line for the various development of the most popular ones.

You can make any subject area research paper interesting and academic. Make sure you follow all APA or MLA guidelines, stay up to date with your tasks, research for valid sources that you cite, have a strong thesis statement, compose a detailed outline, and always get approval for your topic. To make this paper your best research paper ever, you just need to step out of your box and look around your world for unique ideas.

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