Best tricks on how to write a persuasive thesis!

What is a persuasive thesis?

A persuasive thesis is writing where you try to persuade someone as to why they should take your point of view on a particular subject or topic.  A persuasive thesis is like going to court, presenting your case, and persuading a judge to rule in your favor.  With a persuasive thesis you take a particular stand on a certain topic either you oppose it or support it.  Then you argue to the targeted reader why they should either oppose or support the topic as well.  A persuasive thesis is like doing a debate where you state your viewpoint on a particular topic and try to persuade others to agree with your viewpoint on the topic.

How should a persuasive thesis be formatted?

Best tricks in writing a persuasive thesis:

A persuasive thesis should be written in a way that will convince your targeted audience that your viewpoint on a particular topic is the best one and they should agree with that viewpoint.

Here are some good tricks in writing a persuasive thesis:

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