Creating a research paper: tips and tools for success

There are many simple and some not so simple tips and tools you can use to be successful in creating a research paper. The first, believe it or not, is making a start. Procrastination is the thief of time. Yes, it is important to think about the process, but the best tip is to make a start immediately. Whether this is in the research area or in the planning area, do something. Put something, no matter how small, down on paper.

Form definite strategies and goals

Only by being specific and by writing down what you need to do and intend to do can you hope to achieve success. Having a wishy washy approach to a project is the perfect way to waste time. If you have a research project in mind, give yourself a set period of time in which you will read and make notes of any relevant information. Go by the clock. Know that you have an hour or 90 minutes or whatever and stick to that time frame. Knowing you have these time constraints pushes you to achieve success.

Find inspiration and information in a variety of sources

It might be that you have access to conference papers, books, magazines or any number of online resources including blogs. Tackle a variety of sources. You may find a brilliant idea or ideas in a blog which only consists of a few hundred words. Yes there are relevant articles and books on the theme of your research paper. And by all means read as widely as possible, but be prepared to find the gold nuggets in small and simple places. Be open to inspiration from a variety of places and sources.

Get your research system operating

Of course it is important to read widely and to discover as much information from as many sources as possible, but it is the recording and the filing of this information which is so important. How would you know where to find your research data? How will you store it and use it for later reference? The person who creates a brilliant research paper is not necessarily the best writer but could well be the person who reads widely, with specific goals in mind, and who knows how to file the information they have collected. The better organized you are, the easier it is to write a wonderful research paper.

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