Three Vital Tips on How to Write an Outline for a Research Paper

Research papers are a big business. Most papers require some knowledge behind them, otherwise anyone can say anything. Without research backing up statements, they could easily be something that someone just made up. However, research is very complicated, so an outline is required to keep everything straight, and of high quality. Therefore, to help you understand what to research, an outline can be very helpful for getting things done. One of the strange things that no one will tell you in school is that it can actually be useful and beneficial to write an outline before you do the research. It may seem Cray, but this can save you a lot of time.

Well, the outline is actually done in a few steps. Most people, when they choose a topic to research, are mostly or at least somewhat familiar with what they are going to be writing about. This is great, because you can sit down and think about what kind of things you want to research. For example, if your research paper is persuasive in nature, feel free to assume you are right and think of all the reasons that could be used to support your side. Write them down. Soon you will have an outline of possible directions to focus your research. Remember, this whole process can be very broad, we are not ready for a specific outline yet.

From here, you will actually do your research. This might otherwise be a lengthy process, but you have come into it with exactly what ideas you want to talk about. For each area of expertise on your outline, look up sources that confirm that point, and quickly you should have many facts that support your point of view that you have chosen beforehand. Here, you should make sure you keep track of what part of the outline each figure or fact is correlated to, because it will make the next, and finial step easier. Make sure to skim through each source you find and make sure that you write down only facts that prove the point you are trying to make or otherwise support your thesis.

In any case, at this point you are ready to make a final outline. All you have to do is take the facts that support each of the vague points you have choose match up. Then you rewrite your points to be slightly more specific and elegant, now that you have facts to support yourself.

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