Be Precise and Neat in your Term Paper

Being precise means to stay laser-focused on your goal. In the case of your term paper, your goal is to answer the thesis question and provide supporting evidence as the cornerstone for your claim. Neatness can apply to before as well as during the writing process. There is usually a large deal of paper and books you will be sifting through to find all the references and source material you want to include in your paper.

If you don’t keep the process neat and organized from the beginning you will soon find yourself drowning beneath a load of paper. It’s no fun to be in that situation and there’s nothing worse than not being able to find which source you got a certain quote from because you didn’t take good notes. What is there to do – read through all your materials again to find the source of the quote? Believe it or not some students have had to do just that!

When writing, you should keep your style precise and neat as well. Think about it, does it make a good impression to be rambling way off topic onto some tangent because you haven’t stuck to your thesis statement? No it doesn’t make sense; it means you will have to spend more time on the revising process.

Tips for staying neat and precise in writing

  1. Keep your thesis statement in front of you and refer to it often as you write the body of the paper.
  2. Make sure you follow the outline you created for your term paper. It will help keep your ideas in proper order.
  3. Keep your original sources organized and in alphabetical order by author. Then when you create your reference page you won’t have to go looking for anything.

Your term paper will come together quickly and smoothly when you follow these simple tips above. Some students get into a rut by thinking that if they take extra time to be neat and precise they will waste time. That isn’t true at all! In fact the opposite is true. Stay neat and save time.

Your term paper will follow a logical flow when you adhere to a well-constructed outline. This is a very important part of a well-organized term paper. The grade for your paper isn’t going to be based on content only. All the mechanics that go into making a superb term paper will also count.

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