Writing a strong introduction and conclusion of your college essay

The essay introduction is known to carry a considerable amount of weight. It is meant to grab reader’s attention while presenting the main idea behind the essay. The conclusion has challenges of its own as you close out the subject matter without restating main points word for word. Each section is important for your essay as it provides information your audience should know with precision and clarity. The good news is there are a few simple tips to keep in mind to help you write a strong introduction and conclusion for your essay.

Points to Remember for Your Introduction

A strong introduction helps hook readers while getting to the main point of the essay. Your thesis statement should be strong but concise. Your essay will work to prove this but your introduction will provide background details to lay out the foundation for readers. You should have an idea of what ideas and points to mention in your introduction to help it stand out.

This helps you establish an approach to your topic or main idea without restating it again in the same paragraph. Your first sentence helps hook readers and this can be a fact or thought for readers to ponder. Others like to start it with a question but it may depend on the purpose of the essay to determine an appropriate way to start your intro.

Think about this content carefully as it helps establish a flow for the reader to follow. Your paper is based on what is mentioned in this paragraph and your structure or framework for the essay depends on it. Details mentioned should keep readers intrigued and your paper can get the attention you want.

Points to Remember for Conclusion

The conclusion closes the topic while restating important points mentioned in the essay. This means you will mention again the main idea and supporting points but rewritten. It is basically writing a summary of your essay but making it connect with the essay as a whole. You may mention something you want readers to remember or a significant point learned about the topic. Some may consider including a quote related to their main idea or present an example that others can relate to. Talk about why your conclusion is important to the essay purpose. You should find a way to show why significant points mentioned are meaningful.

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