Using the APA Format for a Research Paper: a Title Page Sample

The guidelines issued by the American Psychological Association (APA) are meant to unify all research (empirical and literature review) papers in the social sciences, a realm of science that studies various aspects of human life and activities. They set the norms for research papers, from the title on the first page to the references at the end of the paper.

According to APA formatting, the first page should comprise of obligatory elements such as:

An author note is an optional component of the title page.

Study the following sample APA title page for further details:

Running head[2]:[3] THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE APA FORMAT[4] 1[1]

How to Comply With the Requirements of the APA Format [5]

John Smith [6]

APA College

Author Note [7]

John Smith, Department of Style, APA College

John Smith is now at Department of Style, MLA College

This research was financed by the money raised by the Format Grant Program.

Letters with questions and suggestions should be sent to

John Smith, Department of Style, MLA College, South Lane, IN 11111.

Contact: [email protected]

[1] The page number should be at the upper right corner. Each page should be numbered, starting from the title one.

[2] The running head should be one-half inch from the top. There should be five spaces between the running head and the page number.

[3] A semicolon should be used to divide the running head and the title of the paper.

[4] The running head cannot have more than 50 characters (letters, punctuation marks, and spaces). If so, it should be shortened; it should be in CAPS.

[5] The manuscript title should be centered on the page. The font is 12-pt. Times New Roman. No bolding, underlining, and italicizing is allowed.

[6] The author’s name should include the first name, middle initial(s), and last name. Titles (Dr.) or degrees (PhD) are not given.

[7] An author note should include the full name of the department, name of the educational establishment, additional affiliation if the author has changed his or her place of work since completion of the paper, acknowledgements, and contact information.

However, if a student is required to write a paper in the APA style as part of a certain course, the professor who teaches it may have some additional requirements. In most cases, an author note is not required. Students are also sometimes asked to include their student numbers, the coded number of the course, or the date.

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