How to Develop a Good Topic for a Research Paper

There are countless reasons to call Fall your favorite season. Nature-lovers have the foliage to enjoy, sports fans have football, and college students can dream about writing research papers. (Strike the last one, but keep in mind: you’re still in college!) For those of you dreading the inevitable research paper, take heart; while the world can be a complicated place, researching and writing a great paper doesn’t have to be. Here’s the ‘how’ and the ‘why’:

No Excuses!

Here comes the tough love. Topics and resources to research topics are available everywhere. From the school library to online sites, even obscure topics are no longer obscure.

Let’s be honest. There has to be some reason you are writing this paper, right? After all, it is for a class you were brave enough to sign up for. Finding the motivation to write this paper can come from within!

Class materials

You have a head start once you realize your syllabus, textbooks and discussion groups hold endless research topic possibilities.

Personal relevance

What’s going on in the world and how is it affecting you? This isn’t just a question For many people it’s a way of life. What motivates you?

Given the wealth and availability of information in the world we live in, a more common problem is too much information. If this is the case-and it probably is-here are a couple of tips to save you some time and tears.

Streamline your focus

Don’t research what you already know. Set that knowledge aside for the time being and put together some questions that relate to the topic. Effective research begins with asking the right questions.

Magazine Publications

I think we all will agree that magazines are shorter than books. So, as opposed to reading through chapter after chapter, why not focus on articles? Well-researched articles will hold plenty of accurate information in a reasonable amount of time and space.

Limit the search

For a topic that is time-specific, this is obvious, however, a smart way to trim your research options for on-going topics is to concentrate on a certain period of time.

Find your voice

Your opinion matters (especially when you are being graded on it), so make it count. Save yourself the headache associated with a thesis that is muddled by too much information. Don’t stray from the points you want to make. It will save you time during research and letters on your final grade.

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