A List Of Fresh Term Paper Ideas For Your Criminal Justice Course

The majority of students procrastinate, and do not know what to write their term papers about, when they are not given a list of potential topics. Even those who are enrolled in a criminal justice course have the same challenges. Though there are plenty of opportunities for fresh research ideas, it takes some time to figure out what you want to study deeply. A good topic should neither be too broad nor narrow - so you will need some time to ensure that you can produce a meaningful paper with the ideas you have. To get started, you can use the following list of term paper ideas for criminal justice and criminology study area:

  1. Mental illness and crime:
  2. You should focus your study on how different mental illnesses influence people’s predisposition to commit crimes. Do you think that some patients treatment should be compulsory?

  3. Migration and crime:
  4. This research idea is interesting to those students who want to investigate how citizenship status influences crime rates, in particular border regions. However, you might as well write about crime rates in communities of immigrants.

  5. Teenagers and crime:
  6. This topic should involve studying the factors which influence teenage crime rates in different neighborhoods, along with possible ways to lower teenage crime rates.

  7. Race and crime:
  8. There is a stereotype that race and ethnicity somehow affect the likelihood of committing different kinds of crimes. Do you agree with this statement?

  9. Public policy and crime:
  10. You could wonder whether public policy has effective mechanisms to reduce violent crime rates or not in a particular state.

  11. Religion and crime:
  12. This topic is somehow biased because religion is supposed to prevent crimes, yet there are many crimes that are committed in the name of religion.

  13. Aggression and crime:
  14. Obviously, aggressive behavior leads to more tension in a society. How does it affect the number of crimes that an individual commits?

  15. Education and crime:
  16. The study shows that there is a strong correlation between a certain type of education and a person’s commitment to particular types of crime. What arguments and counterarguments can you come up with?

  17. Culture and criminology:
  18. If you are keen on statistical methods; you should consider studying how culture affects crime rates, and what other factors are important to analyze.

  19. Information and crime reports:
  20. Scientists study criminal justice by using reports and statistical data. However, it seems that numbers do not really explain why crimes are committed, and how to prevent violent crimes more efficiently.

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