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The Committee on Public Information

The Committee on Public Information was independently created by the U.S. government for the sole purpose of persuading public opinion in favor of the First World War. The committee was in place from April 13, 1917 until August 21 of 1919. Within the mere twenty eight month span, this committee used every available medium of communication to suppress anti-war movements and cultivate enthusiasm for the war efforts. It was President Woodrow Wilson who was responsible not only for asking Congress to go to war but for creating the committee. It was President Wilson who explained to Creel that the term propaganda, as it pertained to this committee and his duties, encompassed the original definition of encouraging faith, rather than the manner in which the Germans were utilizing propaganda at the time.

The creation of the committee was a propaganda campaign which originally used materials based on facts. These facts were then transformed to a more upbeat graphic representation of the war efforts. Creel stated in his book that the committee fought diligently against false information, avoiding cruder efforts by patriotic organizations to rally support. Some of the support generated by this committee included movie broadcasts, cable broadcasts, telegraphs, newspapers, posters, and radio broadcasts. Some of his propaganda included pamphlets distributed by the Boy Scouts of America, designed by Creel. The committee recruited a total of seventy five thousand men, deemed “Four Minute Men” responsible for speaking around the nation about the war for a mere four minutes. At the time, it was thought that the attention span of average humans was four minutes. The material these men covered included victory gardens, the draft, rationing, war bonds, and the reasons for American engagement in the war. The messages were meant to remain positive and promote the draft. There were events designed to reach specific ethic and cultural groups as well.

The Committee on Public Information was divided in to 21 subdivisions created by George Creel, all which devoted to domestic propaganda. It is clear that this committee was producing propaganda to be distributed or seen by Americans but what is in question is as to why Creel, whose background suggests a passion only for unbiased facts and reform, would avidly support effort so far from mere presentation of facts. George Creel over saw all of what the twenty-one subdivisions of the Committee on public information published or created, and made sure they all coincided with his goals of unifying the country at this time around the war effort. His set goal for the Committee on Public Information was to unify the county as well as gain monetary support for the war effort through the use of visual depictions.

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