Where To Look For A Good Art History Research Paper

When looking for a good art history research paper, always consider the use of scholarly writing. Scholarly writing, differs from mere academic writing in the rigor of the writing itself. Academic writing is writing that is supported by references of both primary and secondary sources of information from institutions, organizations, and experts in their fields. Scholarly writing is an enhancement over academic writing whereas the validity of reference material is greatly enhanced; this is known a rigor. When we add rigor to our writing, the supporting material is highly credible and only from a primary or secondary peer-reviewed source.

Peer-reviews are reviews of published works by expert/industry peers that support the research validity or the work. Peer reviews add rigor and credibility to the source. The use of peer-reviewed sources is imperative when researching a topic such as art history as the credibility of the information is of utmost importance. So where do you go to find peer-reviewed articles and papers to support your art history research paper? One good source is Google Scholar. Google Scholar has an exhaustive list of published peer-reviewed articles. Many of the articles found in Google Scholar have been published in major industry publications or with academic institutions.

Another place to find peer-reviewed articles is through your university library or through academic subscription databases such as Sage, ProQuest, Ebsco, or Emerald Insight. Most academic institutions maintain subscriptions for their student’s use, and occasionally publish PDF copies of the information on the internet or Google Scholar. You can spot an academic published piece by looking for the URL extension of .edu following the URL link to the online article or publication. Many of the database subscriptions offer limited trial versions as well.

Once you find, the scholarly, peer-reviewed articles and papers to develop your art history research, you can be confident that you have found the most accurate information available on art history. By ensuring the rigor and validity of the information that is going into your paper, you can be confident that others will regard your work as credible research. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, therefore, the validity of your research is only as strong as the content that you draw from.

You now have the tools needed to conduct your research in the most comprehensive way. This will, in the end, add to the greater body of knowledge of art history. Good luck!

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