How To Write A Research Paper On Breast Cancer: Tips And Examples

A research paper on a disease, especially one as widespread and invasive as cancer, can be a tough act to pull off. There will be a large amount of material to view. You will then need to narrow down the topic. Remember, people spend their whole career writing about disease, and you need to narrow the topic down to a composition. We have some good tips to help you when you are ready to write your essay on breast cancer.

Tips on Main Points

The main points that you select could make or break your paper. Consider using some of the following ideas for your main points:


You will need support for this subject. And whether you are writing in MLA or APA style, you will need to cite that support and have either a bibliography or a Works Cited Page. For your support consider the following:

Keep it Formal

Because of the sensitive nature of this topic, you will be emotional as you write the essay. You still must write in a formal tone avoiding slang and use of the first person. You will want to write in third person and to stay away from contractions. This is a formal paper.


Your teacher will let you know the length, sources needed, and whether the paper is APA or MLA style. You will need a style guide to refer to as you write in order to follow the exact rules. A few rules to remember:

When your teacher assigns you a paper on breast cancer, you can refer to these tips for help. Your hardest job will be narrowing down all of the information that you will find. You will want to decide your main ideas, make your outline, and then begin your rough draft. Follow all of the rules and instructions that your teacher has given to you. Do not miss any of your assigned deadlines. Do not hesitate to refer to these rules and tips when you sit down to write this composition.

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