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With a List of Persuasive Topics for a Research Paper

At least once in every student’s life, they are assigned a persuasive research paper. When it comes to these assignments a student needs to follow a simple pattern to have their paper completed with ease. While there isn’t a shortcut to writing papers, taking a pattern and applying it to the student’s papers, it will become an easier task.   

Choosing a topic is the first thing any student has to do when completing a research paper.  Since it’s a persuasive research paper you first need to choose a topic that can be argued with fact and not fiction.   Here are some ideas for a persuasive topic for the research paper:

After choosing the topic, the student needs to research it, find the pros and cons for each side.  The student then needs to sort their research into and outline what they will and won’t use.  Then they can begin the writing process.

Writing can be an overwhelming process, but when the student has an outline and research that is prepared the student can follow their outline and complete the paper without stress.  First the student needs to create the introduction of their paper.  

The introduction is the first place where the student will present their opinion and topic of their persuasive piece. This is the place where they should include their thesis statement that will tell the reader what the writer wants to them to agree with.

The body of the paper will then go over the points that will support the student’s opinions and research points.  Each new idea, research point and source of information will require a new paragraph.  That way the paper is organized and isn’t jumbled together.

The conclusion of the paper is the final part of the paper, and sometimes can be the hardest part for the student.  This paragraph needs to remind the reader what the paper has said without introducing any new information.  Rephrasing the thesis statement and leaving the reader seeing your point of view.

This is the pattern students need to follow when they are writing a persuasive research paper.  Following this advice will lead to a thoroughly organized paper that will impress a teacher.  

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