Five steps of writing a clear and well structured essay

Crafting a paper takes patience and time. Depending on when you start the writing process it can take days to complete even the simplest paper, with a low page count. Being well versed in the topic and being able to conduct research are of the most importance when writing a collegiate level paper. If you are not sure how to craft the most compelling essay around, this article serves to show you five steps of writing a clear and well-structured essay.

  1. When writing an essay you want to be sure the work is worth a read. One which is not interesting, or is not written well will not be worthy of a readership. The first step in creating a worthy paper begins with your thesis, because an effective paper would not be one without this element. Crafting a thesis is prime and reflects the complexities of the essay topic. The thesis generally delves deeper into the topic and revels or says something interesting on said topic. A good thesis is one that is arguable, clearly written, and can be elaborated on.

  2. The second step lies in your evidence. Evidence is used to back up your thesis statement. Evidence usually goes to support your main ideas directly. Some evidence you can utilize are direct quotations, criticisms, statistics, and other statistically based data. When utilizing research be sure to always cite your sources appropriately.

  3. The third step begins with an outline. An outline will help you to structure your paper. It helps you identify your thesis as the basis of your paperwork, and layout your main ideas, supporting details, and where you will utilize the research you have collected. This is the best way to identify errors in your logic at the start of the writing process.

  4. Fourth, you should take note of the style you want to utilize. While style is a matter of personal taste, there are some basic guidelines one should follow. For one, be sure to write in a formal tone. As the write you must be compelling and keep your readers interested. Always be clear and concise, and stick to the point. Do not utilize a lot of fluff material and put yourself in the readers shoes during the process.

  5. Lastly, be sure to re-read and revise your paper through the writing process. A paper is not done until you have checked for spelling and grammatical issues.

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