Statistics research paper help: how to plan your writing

Writing of a research paper is often a challenge to most people since they feel that there is just too much that is involved. It gets even more complicated if a person has to write a statistic research paper. The student has to provide a paper that explains statistical concepts in a clear and concise language that both statisticians and non-statisticians would understand. Many students feel overwhelmed at that point and many easily consider getting online help from academic writers. However, with just a little effort and planning a person can be able to write a good statistical research paper.

  1. Introduce the paper
  2. The student should first of all creatively introduce the paper by giving a description of the problem at hand. This would involve highlighting the key question that the research seeks to address. The benefits that the research would provide to the field of study or daily life in general should also be described.

  3. Write the literature review
  4. The student should then summarize the existing research of findings of other researchers. The literature should be relevant to the field of study and it should also not be outdated. This section helps to examine previous studies in a particular field and explains the way the research has developed. The sources of literature review are often secondary and primary sources. All of these sources ought to be included.

  5. Describe the data collection and analysis methods
  6. The researcher should give a description of the research methods that he or she plans to use to collect the data. For example will it be through observation, experiments, or through interviews and questionnaires. If a person collected data through survey for instance and they are will analyze the data using factor analysis, the researcher should highlight that, justifying why it is the right method for the study.

  7. Write the report of the statistical data analysis
  8. The researcher should then write a report of the data analysis. This report forms the main body of the entire research paper. Since it is a statistical research paper, the use of data representation tools such as pie charts, tables, bar charts and scatter diagrams is expected. A researcher should therefore ensure that he or she uses the most appropriate tool to convey the desired information. For example bar charts are convenient for comparison of financial year’s data. A person should ensure that they use a language that is easy for the reader to understand. Most researchers use big statistical terminologies that the research becomes complicated to read.

  9. Conclude
  10. The researcher should conclude the paper by highlighting the significant research findings during the study and making recommendations.

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