How Can You Come Up with Unique Topics for Your Economic Term Paper?

Where to Start

Coming up with a good topic can often be the hardest part of writing a term paper. You need to pick something that is pertinent to the subject, economics, and is interesting to you. Your term paper is many pages long and will take more hours than you care to think about to research, write, and edit. Take a few days to come up with what works for you. The best way to start to do this is to first brainstorm your topics. Free write everything you can think about on economics on a blank piece of paper and narrow that down to topics you really like. You can start researching some of those topics or create an idea web to see if you have enough information on the topics to write an entire paper on them. A good topic is specific enough that you will have something manageable for a paper of the length that your professor tells you, but broad enough that you will not run out of material to write on. For instance, a paper on the entirety of “economics” is much too broad and cannot even be entirely encompassed in a text book, which is much longer than a term paper, and a paper on the “Management of the McDonalds on 16th and Smith Street in Springfield” is too narrow a subject that could be summarized, more than likely, in a page or two. Talking about your topic ideas with a group of peers is always a good idea. You can bounce your ideas off each other and maybe even use each other’s ideas as long as no one minds. Sometimes your friends will come up with ideas that work really well for you and they might like something you said that works better than what they had come up with.

What Next?

After you have a few ideas (I would say a minimum of 3, max of 5) narrowed down, do a little research on them. Find something that is well studied and has good academic sources available. Although it is interesting to start a new realm of research or to write about something completely new, it is much harder and not necessarily worth the time or effort. It is important to see what is out there about your topic. You will be spending a lot of time looking into it so you might as well make sure you like it.

Any Tips?

The best topics are picked far in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute to choose something. You will inevitably be stuck with a topic that doesn’t fit you, is too broad or too narrow, is boring, or does not have enough credible information to accompany it.


Here are some examples of well thought out and interesting topics on Economics.

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