How to Make Sure That Your Term Paper Cover Page Is Properly Formatted

Many a term paper has been down-scored—or even rejected—due to an incorrectly formatted cover page (also known as a title page). Little details like font type, font size, and positioning will adversely affect your marks if not rendered properly. Have a look at the following checklist to make sure your cover page meets the requirements it should.

Positioning of the title and subtitle

In the exact centre of the page you will write your title and subtitle. The title comes first with the title following next to it after a colon. Remember to put your entire title and subtitle inside inverted commas.

Example: “The American civil war: How the South was defeated”

Font type and size

Traditionally, every word written on your cover page should be done in Times New Roman, size 12. This is considered the most readable font. However, if your teacher or professor isn’t too finicky about it, you can use another neat font such as Calibri or Arial.

To bold, or not to bold

Your title should be typed in bold, but the subtitle should not. This will neatly distinguish your main title from your subtitle for the benefit of the reader.

Spacing settings

Use the ‘Normal’ option on your MS Word document as opposed to the ‘No Spacing’ option. The reason for this is because the spacing will affect the positioning of each line. The title should be positioned nine spaces from the top to the centre.

Bottom right – How far down does it go?

From the title, go right down to the bottom of your page using your ‘Enter’ key. From here, use your cursor to move up three times (leaving you four lines from the bottom). Now, align your cursor to the right and get ready to type the following four lines—all four of them aligned to the right of your page.

Bottom right – What goes there?

From the fourth line from the bottom of the page, type in your full name. Below that, fill in the date according to your school writing requirement. Then type your class name below that. Finally, in the very bottom line, type your teacher’s name.

Your cover page is complete. Place this page at the top of your research paper assignment and hand it in as is.

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