A guide to research paper writing: tables, figures and graphs

Tables, figures and graphs are used different types of research papers. These research papers investigate concepts in various fields such as;

These types of tools are used represent numerical data. They summarise and list various types of numerical data making it easy for the reader to interpret the data. They have the following advantages:

They are easy to understand

Tables, figures and graphs are ways used to summarise numerical data. Therefore, they can be easily understood. This makes them an easy way of summarising data especially when dealing with large sample sizes during the research process. These are a simplified way of data presentation. An average individual can use tables, figures or graphs to present their findings during a particular research process.

They save time

Their simplicity makes them easy to work with. They do not require a lot of attention and time, thus they save the students' time during the research process.

They have an easy structure

This means that they are simple to construct because they have designs that are easy to master. This makes them popular among students.

They are can be accessed easily

Tables, figures and graphs can be found online or on the computer. They are easy to access because information about them is readily available in the following places;

They are used to prove the validity of particular research findings. Tables, figures and graphs create a clear image of the researcher’s findings. They are also used to test hypotheses and determine whether or not they are void.

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