How to Pick Up a Good Topic for a Research Paper in Geography

Picking a good geography topic for your research paper really means finding something that:

You will be stuck with this topic for a while so you want to ensure it is something that is related to your course and is something that you want to become an expert in.


This is going to be the most important part of your paper. It is going to be talking about what the importance of the topic in general is and what you are going to be saying about it in your paper.


The body is where you are going to go through the work in question and talk about any aspects that might have some relevance to the topic. There is generally going to be a lot of work and not too much space so you will want to narrow the scope of what you are working with. There are a lot of ways to work through literature such as:

Everything that you need to do is to talk about the evidence that backs up your own thesis. If there are arguments against your thesis, why not take some shots at them?

What are the teachers looking for in your work?

They will be looking for a new analysis of something old. You need to find ways to make your points in a subtle way and in a way that will support the argument that you are making. This is present in other types of essays as well. Make sure you realize that every work of art is ultimately trying to say something. There is a lot of critical theory here but you don’t need to know it.

The essay topics you see might be a good idea of where you might want to start. Whatever the subject is you can use it to show your own thoughts as well as your personality, attitude, and thoughts.

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