A guide to writing a college exploratory essay

Appreciating the requirements of a college exploratory essay

A college exploratory essay does not need to argue about a specific claim; instead, you will be discussing and exploring the different stances which can be taken on a certain view or topic. As a result, you be looking at the different aspects that can be discussed within the topic, so as to give more detail about any opposing arguments.

Finding a topic to write about

There are a few things which are important to a college exploratory essay. To ensure that it is as easy to write, and is interesting to read, you should consider the following when thinking of a topic to write about:

The sections to include in a college explanatory essay

Like many essays, there are three main sections to include within your essay:

In the introduction, you should appeal to the reader whilst talking about something relevant to the topic. For example, you could provide an example – either real or hypothetical – in which your chosen topic can be demonstrated. Alternatively, you could outline the history of your chosen topic, or discuss its relevance with current situations.

The main body should be split into two sections. The first should identify what is currently being written about the subject; who is reading and affected by the topic; who has spoken about it; what affects the way the topic is discussed; and why it is relevant now, as well as how it has evolved of time.

The second section should then take in to consideration at least three of the most relevant points. Each point should provide further explanations, then outlining why it is that they are important to people, with arguments to support the position, and why these arguments are valid.

Finally, the conclusion is your opportunity to discuss which view – if any – you support. It may be that you haven’t decided which view you support the most; in which case, you can outline any important or relevant aspects which you feel should be considered. You do not necessarily have to support any of the views outlined in the body – but could bring in different concepts at this point.

As with all essays, having written the work, it is now time to make any subsequent drafts of the essay. Once you have written the final draft, it is then time to edit and proofread, before handing the essay in.

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