How to Write a Research Paper: Helpful Suggestions for Dummies

Writing a research paper can seem like a daunting task, but this is merely psychological. Thinking of the assignment as a whole, the finished product, a lengthy paper can prove to be overwhelming. With the right plan, each step of your paper can be completed successfully—making the task seem a little less daunting and definitely achievable! Selecting an interesting topic, setting an agenda and finding a mentor are all great suggestions to help you effectively write your research paper.

Selecting an Interesting Topic

Carefully selecting your topic is crucial part of the research paper writing process. You want to make sure your topic is many things. It needs to be appropriate for the audience and topic foremost. After this, you will want to make sure it also a topic that interests you. If you chose to research something of interest, the paper will feel less like work and more like an adventure to discover more on the topic. This interest in your topic will translate into passionate writing, engaging your reader.

On the other hand, you want to avoid writing about topics that are overly emotional or personal—you want all support to be research based and not emotionally.

Setting an Agenda

After selecting a topic, setting an agenda will help you get your paper done. Setting goals and milestones, and sticking to them will get things done. If you strive not to miss any deadlines, then you will finish the paper on schedule. This schedule will help eliminate the stress of the many steps that go into writing a research paper. Due dates, outlines, drafts and revisions will be completed on time, minimalizing stress.

Finding a Mentor

Lastly, finding a mentor is always a great way to get through a research paper. In addition to your agenda, your mentor will be a system of check for your process and a source of guidance when needed. Getting an opinion of someone you respect about your research paper will provide clarity when things get overwhelming.

With a topic you are interested in and an agenda, you will certainly be set for success. Sticking to your deadlines and getting the outside support you need from a mentor or confidant will only make the process easier. These helpful suggestions will take students from research dummies to confident analyst. Do not let the task overwhelm you, break it down step by step from beginning to end, and you’ll be writing your conclusion before you know it!

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